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Today's IT Nonprofit Challenges

Nonprofits face unique challenges that require resilient and reliable IT systems. Open Approach specializes in IT solutions that support the specific demands of nonprofit organizations, ensuring technology enhances your mission.

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Nonprofit IT Support

In the nonprofit sector, efficiency and effective use of resources are paramount. Open Approach provides specialized IT support tailored to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Our expert team understands the complexities of nonprofit operations and offers solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. With us, you gain more than IT support; you gain a steadfast ally in your business journey, ensuring technology is your asset, not your obstacle.

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Custom IT Solutions

We redefine IT support by focusing on nonprofit organizations, combining expertise with personalized service to address your unique challenges. We’re not just providers; we’re partners, ensuring technology secures your organization's assets.

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Enhanced Cybersecurity

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, protecting sensitive donor and organizational information is more crucial than ever. Our advanced security protocols defend against breaches and cyber threats, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.

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Operational Efficiency

Our IT support goes beyond maintenance; we enhance your operational efficiency through integrated technology solutions that improve communication and data flow across different platforms, making your nonprofit operations more effective.

How We Work

Our process to enhance your IT support is straightforward and effective.
This streamlined process ensures your IT is a driving force for your organization, not a distraction, enabling you to focus on your mission.

Step 1

We start by having a conversation about your IT support needs and challenges, laying the groundwork for a holistic approach.

Step 2

We then craft a comprehensive plan detailing the steps to address your specific needs and challenges.

Step 3

We then execute the plan and start supporting your organization, allowing you to focus back on advancing your mission.

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Our Clients

We’re proud of all the wins we’ve helped our clients achieve. Behind every win is a story of collaboration, communication, insight, and dedication to finding solutions that work.

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Professional Services
Vermont Land Trust

A land conservation organization operating five regional offices throughout Vermont.

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Northern Tier Center For Health (NOTCH)

(NoTCH) is a primary-care practice serving multiple locations throughout Vermont’s Franklin and Grand Isle counties.

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Vermont Teddy Bear

Meticulously-designed, artisan, handcrafted teddy bears made in Vermont!

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IT Support FAQ's

We pride ourselves on the successes we’ve achieved for our nonprofit clients. Here are some frequently asked questions about our IT support services:

How can Open Approach improve the efficiency of our nonprofit operations?

Open Approach provides tailored IT solutions that integrate with your existing systems, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing downtime. Our proactive approach and 24/7 monitoring help maintain efficiency and address issues before they become major problems.

What cybersecurity measures do you offer for nonprofits?

We implement advanced cybersecurity protocols to protect your sensitive data from threats. Our solutions include robust firewalls, encryption, and continuous monitoring to safeguard your operations.

Can Open Approach support our legacy systems?

Yes, we specialize in creating IT solutions that work with both new and legacy systems. Our team assesses your current systems and designs integration strategies to ensure all your equipment functions efficiently within our IT framework.

Will Open Approach hold me to a long-term contract?

Stay with us because you value us. We ditched the fear, fluff and trickery and elevated the pragmatic as the driving value behind our IT. It’s ridiculously effective. Should we ever fail to meaningfully deliver results, we will never impose contract terms or termination penalties to force you to stay.

What is the process for starting IT support with Open Approach?

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure. We then develop a customized plan addressing your specific needs, followed by implementation and ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement and efficiency in your nonprofit operations.


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