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Multi-layer Security

There’s no perfect answer to securing your network, but Open Approach can help you implement the security layers you need to help protect your network.

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Overview and Value

Security continues to be the biggest conversation every company faces, and the number one question that always comes up will be “How can I better secure my network?” Unfortunately, there is no single solution. Everyone needs a custom solution to secure their network. But like every problem, there are a million ways to help better protect your network.

To help your company answer the question of securing your network, Open Approach implements a Multi-Layered Security approach. Known as the “Security Onion” each level of defense compliments other layers enhancing the security of your overall network. Different layers that can be addressed are policies, procedures, awareness, application security, network security, perimeter security, etc.

What’s Involved

Open Approach deploys the most critical security layers first, then intentionally add each additional layer to build your ideal security system. By working directly with you and your end users, we can make exclusions for legitimate findings along the way.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Open Approach deploys a state-of-the-art Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution to all of your servers and workstations.

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Firewall Security

Using industry-standard firewalls and built-in policies, Open Approach will help secure you on the network level.

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Cloud Security

Following industry benchmarks, Open Approach helps lockdown and secure your cloud environment.

Looking to learn more?

For nearly two decades, Open Approach has helped businesses build and maintain reliable, responsive, and secure IT networks and solutions. We specialize in solving complex business challenges, from cloud and on-premise infrastructure to voice communications, server and desktop virtualization, workspace administration, and security. If you’re looking for help with Managed IT, Security, Support or Strategic Planning, we’d love to talk.

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