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We make support easy. Our personal approach and professional expertise helps resolve problems quickly. And our proactive network maintenance stops many problems before they start.

Our Services

Overview and Value

Support is where our human approach shines. When you reach out to Open Approach for support, you talk to a live person, not a robot, and that person is fully invested in helping. First, our team listens carefully so we can accurately diagnose your problem. Then, we apply expert resources to resolve that problem as quickly as possible because we don’t want anything slowing you down!

Whether you need a hand resetting a password, connecting to the internet, or getting your email to work, our helpdesk is easily accessible. We’re happy to help and amazingly efficient. A quick phone call or email is all you need to get in touch. There are no tiers, no queues, and no machine automation. We can provide in-office, work-from-home, and mobile support. You can even get unlimited support for a flat rate.

And don’t forget, the best support is support you don’t need! We offer proactive network maintenance, which means fewer problems from the start.

Our Support Solutions

We approach support on a human-to-human level. We've found that the quickest way to a solution involves deep listening and empathy, followed by swift action you can count on.

Looking to learn more?

No matter what IT problem you’re trying to solve — or what you need to prepare for long-term, we’re here to listen. We specialize in distilling complex challenges and solutions into concise language that every stakeholder can understand. And we do everything with an eye toward our ultimate goals: to increase your IT security and reliability, improve your efficiency, and keep your team and customers happy. Sounds good to you? Let’s talk!

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