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Starting Your Vendor Risk Management Strategy From Scratch

You’ve heard that vendor dependencies are ripe for malicious abuse and you have read the stories where vendors were usedto exploiting and infiltrating their customers. Now, you’ve been put in charge of ensuring your vendors, third parties, contractors,...

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Your Managed Service Provider Should Be Cost Effective

If you feel like you’re getting nickel and dimed by your MSP, you probably are.

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Employee training

10 Tips to Run a Successful Compliance Training Program

Senior management, risk, compliance, and HR executives have been struggling with compliance training for years.

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Cyber Attacks

The Economic Impact of Cyber Attacks on Municipalities

Cyber attacks continue to have a massive economic impact on state and local governments across the U.S. Local government institutions have become a growing soft target, and they struggle to combat the highly sophisticated attacks posed by malicious hackers. 

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Risk Management

How to Run a Risk Assessment Program

Risk management is the identification, evaluation, prioritization, and mitigation of risks to maximize goals.

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