We approach security proactively, to prevent problems before they happen. And we’re ready to go with a proven playbook should the need arise. Bottom line? We keep your data and your systems safe.

Our Services

Overview and Value

The best security systems operate quietly in the background, unbeknownst to you and your users, so your team can safely focus on productive work.

At Open Approach, we take a security-first approach to everything we do. For example, we build robust firewall configurations to prevent intruders from accessing your network — and your data. We deploy and centrally manage one of the best antivirus engines in the industry, network-wide! Our team can help you develop and implement network policies and protocols that cut risk in the workplace without reducing ease of use. We’ll even train your staff to ensure they keep safe.

Open Approach knows security, and we also know how to protect you without making you feel like you’re living in a bunker.

Our Security Solutions

From firewalls and antivirus protection to data backup, identity protection, content filtering, and end-user training, we’ve got you covered.

Looking to learn more?

For nearly two decades, Open Approach has helped businesses build and maintain reliable, responsive, and secure IT networks and solutions. We specialize in solving complex business challenges, from cloud and on-premise infrastructure to voice communications, server and desktop virtualization, workspace administration, and security. If you’re looking for help with Managed IT, Security, Support or Strategic Planning, we’d love to talk.

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