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The Backbone Of Most Modern Businesses Is Still
A Robust Physical Server (Or Servers) Running A Handful Of Core Components

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Hosted Server And Infrastructure

Hosted Server and Infrastructure

Maintaining your own server and IT infrastructure is very costly. Let Open Approach host your server and manage your infrastructure to get exactly what you need without the overhead.

Outsource Your Infrastructure

Take your server to the cloud to reclaim your office space while eliminating management and hardware expenses.

Everyone has heard of ‘the cloud’ — and many people already use it for personal data storage — but many businesses are unaware of the many benefits that cloud hosting can offer small and medium-sized businesses.

By hosting your server and other mission-critical equipment in a reliable, properly managed data center, your business will have less hardware to maintain. This means more space, reduced electricity consumption, and less overhead. Best of all, hosted infrastructure can be managed by our IT experts to ensure constant reliability, stability, and uptime. We ensure that your data is always redundantly backed up, and antivirus and security protection is handled in-house.

Revolutionize Your IT

Stop purchasing expensive hardware only to pay to administer, maintain, and manage it.

Our data center provides secure, reliable access to your servers, but allows you to hand off worries about security patches, software updates, and hardware management to IT experts at Open Approach.  And you don’t have to worry about running out of space, either; the Open Approach cloud environment is very scalable, giving you the resources your business requires.

Business Computing

When you’re in the cloud, your business is flexible, mobile, and always on.

Beyond reducing operating costs, utilizing hosted server and IT infrastructure lets you access files and applications from anywhere. That’s perfect for businesses with multiple offices or employees who need to work from home or on the road.

When you’re in the cloud you can access applications like Microsoft Office, Office 365, and the software applications you use to run your business, such as your accounting  suite and CRM tools. You won’t lose any functionality by letting Open Approach host your essentials, but your business will benefit from drastically reduced overhead and increased cost-savings.

Infrastructure In The Cloud

If you really want to get your head in the cloud, you can take your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud.

For those business owners ready to offload everything to a hosted solution, Open Approach offers a full range of IT support in Vermont, including data storage and desktop virtualization.

With a completely managed hosted IT infrastructure, you can equip your team with the tools they need and still protect your bottom line. Handing over the reins to Open Approach to manage IT infrastructure means you’ll no longer need to worry about hardware and software upgrades again. You can let us do the research on what you need — and trust us to implement and optimize it, too.

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