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Client Focused Teams

At Open Approach we build your Management IT roster. Our Account Team ensures we cover all the support you need.

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Overview and Value

We strive to deliver excellence in our IT services to our clients. One major approach is the concept of Account Teams. We divide our clients up into Client Focused teams to ensure the same Open Approach Support Team, Engineers, and Account Manager are supporting you. This allows for a deeper knowledge of the infrastructure, applications, networks, and most importantly, the relationships with your staff. This dedicated Account Team model also translates into faster issue resolution, a more proactive approach, and more seamless strategic planning.

What’s Involved

Friendly and familiar voices are always on the other end when you contact Open Approach.

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Calls & Tickets Route to Your Account Team

We ensure that calls and tickets from your staff get to your Account Team. We always have others to fill in for spillover, but your Open Approach Account Team will be there to respond. Our team knows your environment and will be the team to respond.

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Minimize the Re-education of IT Support

We use the Account Team model to help minimize the common IT support feedback of “I don’t want to explain myself to a different person every time we have this issue” and “What are you doing to train new staff? They don’t know about us or how we do things.”

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Enhanced Relationships

We use the Account Team model to give our team the most opportunities to build relationships with your staff and know your company.

Looking to learn more?

For nearly two decades, Open Approach has helped businesses build and maintain reliable, responsive, and secure IT networks and solutions. We specialize in solving complex business challenges, from cloud and on-premise infrastructure to voice communications, server and desktop virtualization, workspace administration, and security. If you’re looking for help with Managed IT, Security, Support or Strategic Planning, we’d love to talk.

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