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Keeping up with internal security is complicated enough, let alone worrying about third-party breaches that might be associated with your users. Open Approach will continuously monitor your company’s email in third-party breaches.

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Overview and Value

It’s not just your network environment you have to worry about. Third-party breaches are a daily occurrence and can include a variety of information that can become public to the world. From email addresses to physical addresses from passwords to payment methods, attackers can utilize this information in a variety of ways to infiltrate your company. This is why staying on top of what applications you signed up for, saved security questions, and passwords can be complicated to remember.

So how can we help? Open Approach offers Identity Monitoring that allows us to monitor your company’s email addresses. When a new compromise arises, we deploy a variety of toolsets to alert us when an email has been part of a third-party breach. This allows us to notify you proactively when a security breach has occurred. By providing you with the details of the attack, we can inform you what was potentially compromised, and our professional recommendations to prevent further potential issues.

What’s Involved

We tie in our toolset with your environment to pull all existing and new users' email addresses. This will then constantly monitor for new breaches that occur.

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Historical Breach Checks

Verify if your or your employee's emails have been compromised in past breaches.

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Continuous Breach Detection

Keep your company safe with continual checks against new data breaches.

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Application Breakdowns

See a breakdown of breached applications and any tie-ins to your business.

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No matter what IT problem you’re trying to solve — or what you need to prepare for long-term, we’re here to listen. We specialize in distilling complex challenges and solutions into concise language that every stakeholder can understand. And we do everything with an eye toward our ultimate goals: to increase your IT security and reliability, improve your efficiency, and keep your team and customers happy. Sounds good to you? Let’s talk!

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