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Microsoft Office 365 & Google Workspace Administration

Open Approach helps make the complexity of cloud administration easy and seamless for you and your end users. No longer will you be scratching your head at the vast void that is cloud administration.

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Overview and Value

The administration of your cloud environment is complicated. It all depends on the size of your environment and how you use it. Both Microsoft and Google have an ever-growing suite of settings and features you can enable within your tenant. These settings can be greatly beneficial or a pain spot for users which is why proper administration is critical.

Having this full administration can be hard but with our vast knowledge and experience we’ve filtered out these settings and features to find the ones that are most applicable to you. Whether it’s locking down your environment with additional security settings or helping improve your user’s online experience we have found the solution for you.

What’s Involved

We take the time to understand your Cloud Administration. Once we have a full understanding, we will work with you to determine your company needs. Whether this includes troubleshooting existing problems, implementing cloud sharing, or securing your tenant, we work with you and your users to make sure things are implemented seamlessly without interruption. Once the tenant is set up we will work with you on cleaning old and unused user accounts and licenses.

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Navigating online sharing

Online sharing has blown up in the past few years, it can be a daunting task to set this up properly. We can help you and your end users navigate this complex cloud sharing world.

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Security At Its Finest

Some of the biggest talks in the technical world are around cloud security and its importance. To help secure your environment we help utilize the built-in security features to secure your tenant.

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Keeping Your Environment Clean

One of the most important aspects of Cloud Administration is keeping your environment clean. With audits we help remove unused accounts and licenses saving you money and headaches.

Looking to learn more?

No matter what IT problem you’re trying to solve — or what you need to prepare for long-term, we’re here to listen. We specialize in distilling complex challenges and solutions into concise language that every stakeholder can understand. And we do everything with an eye toward our ultimate goals: to increase your IT security and reliability, improve your efficiency, and keep your team and customers happy. Sounds good to you? Let’s talk!

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