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On-Premise Infrastructure

While Cloud solutions continue to become more extensive and feasible from a cost perspective, on-premise infrastructure will always have its place, if it makes the most sense for your company.

Our Services

Overview and Value

Open Approach will help guide which makes the best business and technology sense to our clients. Our philosophy is to build the solution right the first time, always thinking about growth for our clients, while never over-engineering solutions. 

What’s Involved

Open Approach has a deep history of providing on-premise infrastructure for our clients for over 20+ years. It will always have its place if that makes the most sense to a company. What solutions matter in today's world?

Infrastructure Planning

Open Approach’s on-premises infrastructure planning services provide our clients with expert IT Engineers who can help evaluate the environment, and architect what makes the most sense, while always having business value top-of-mind.

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Infrastructure Management

Open Approach will implement, maintain, monitor, and own our client's IT infrastructure. Including operating system and software patching, network and server maintenance, network and server monitoring, and proactive maintenance. We want to ensure the IT infrastructure is properly supporting the business needs.

Business Applications

A primary reason for keeping on-premise infrastructure is to support complex business applications and ERP platforms. Open Approach has deep experience in supporting the servers and networks on which these critical business applications run on.

Looking to learn more?

For nearly two decades, Open Approach has helped businesses build and maintain reliable, responsive, and secure IT networks and solutions. We specialize in solving complex business challenges, from cloud and on-premise infrastructure to voice communications, server and desktop virtualization, workspace administration, and security. If you’re looking for help with Managed IT, Security, Support or Strategic Planning, we’d love to talk.

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