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Voice Communication Services

Phone companies are no longer the only game in town. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to send voice calls over the Internet.

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Overview and Value

VoIP offers all the reliability and security of traditional phone services plus some big bonuses. First, VoIP will save your business up to 50% compared to traditional phone services. Second, when you have an issue, there’s no need to figure out who can help. Since your computer and phone systems are merged, Open Approach will handle it!

How does it work? Open Approach will evaluate your needs and pair you with the best VoIP solution for your business. We handle the conversion from start to finish, from porting all numbers, extensions, and settings, to providing user education and training. Phones and computer systems have merged, so there’s no longer any question about who to call for support. And our solutions are scalable to accommodate your company’s growth, so you’re ready for the future.

What’s Involved

Open Approach offers a custom solution to help you reach your customers, seamlessly. Don't limit your reach to phone, computer, or mobile app.

Phone System & Call Design

Open Approach will examine your current phone system, work with you to design call flows, queues, and ring groups, then port over the phone numbers.

Flexibility for Users

Whether it’s the standard hard desk phone, soft phone on a computer, or the mobile app, we ensure the right communication fit is available for your organization. We will be here to support your users during the training before rollout, through day-to-day use of the communication tools.

Looking to learn more?

No matter what IT problem you’re trying to solve — or what you need to prepare for long-term, we’re here to listen. We specialize in distilling complex challenges and solutions into concise language that every stakeholder can understand. And we do everything with an eye toward our ultimate goals: to increase your IT security and reliability, improve your efficiency, and keep your team and customers happy. Sounds good to you? Let’s talk!

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