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Virtualize Your Desktop

Your Employees Are Mobile
So Your Office Needs To Be Too

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Virtualize Your Desktop

Your employees are mobile — so your office needs to be too. Let Open Approach host your desktop environments from our data center to empower your employees to do their best work — wherever they’re clocking in from.

With Open Approach Hosted Desktop, your entire office can be virtualized, granting your employees access to their desktops and applications from anywhere in the world. Centralizing your desktop environment allows you to access your files and programs from virtually any device with a web browser. That’s convenient and saves you money regarding management and support.

Using our IT support services, all of your applications and data are stored in Open Approach’s Network Operations Center. That means you can let us worry about your data’s physical and digital security.

Virtualization and Thin Clients

When you authorize Open Approach to host your office’s desktop environments, it puts the onus on us to implement the necessary software and updates for your office to keep your business running. That means less worry for you and less money invested into hardware.

Virtualizing your office can drastically reduce the cost of operating your business. By moving to the Cloud, you can outfit your entire operation with so-called “thin” client terminals, which only need the internet and minimal hardware to access our service.

Less hardware in the office means more money in your pocket. The cost of powering thin clients is considerably less than a traditional workstation. With less hardware to keep up-to-date, you’ll require fewer upgrades to hardware and software, and you won’t have to maintain an in-house desktop support team or spend a considerable amount taking care of these PCs.


Empower your workforce to be more productive by giving them the necessary tools, whether on the road or next door.

You can access your company applications and documents from anywhere with Open Approach Hosted Desktop and an internet connection. All your employees need is a browser to power up and get working — no matter where they’re clocking in from.

Data Security

Full functionality from the office or the from the road is essential — but desktop hosting also means you never have to worry about a laptop being stolen or company data being lost.

A Hosted Desktop Environment safely stores data in Open Approach’s state-of-the-art data center. You will never have to worry about losing a laptop with critical company documents because your data is never on a physical device. We always strive to be one of the best Vermont IT companies.

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