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Remote Help Desk Support

Improve your efficiency by giving everyone in your office access to technical support whenever needed — without jumping through hoops or over red tape.

Give your staff the power of support.

Let no support question go unanswered! Give your staff access to the best technical IT services in Vermont and beyond for a concise flat rate.

We’ve seen it all before: A user is suffering from a relatively simple yet annoying issue on their workstation, but to get help resolving it, they need to get permission from their supervisor, who needs to go to their supervisor, who needs to check with accounting…

A quick connection with a technician would immediately resolve the issue and improve the user’s productivity. Still, it gets bound up in red tape to prevent a surprise technical support bill.

Provide all-you-can-eat Help Desk Support for your staff

With Open Approach Remote Help Desk Support, you get fast, unlimited technical support for you and your team for a flat rate.

When your staff can get the support they need without worrying about racking up a hefty bill, IT issues get resolved quickly and efficiently so everybody can get back to work faster.

No IT question is too small for our Help Desk! You and your staff will be given your own technician to contact for remote support for issues and questions. Because we’re experts at support, most issues can be solved remotely — which keeps our costs down by eliminating travel expenses.

Of course, we are available for on-site work as well.

Expert, Wide-Ranging Technical Support

Get the support you need for the applications that run your business.

When you’re linked in with the Open Approach Help Desk, getting help and answers for common productivity applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel is just a phone call away. We also support issue troubleshooting and remediation, active directory administration, and even workstation-connected peripheral hardware.

Our Help Desk consists of experienced and talented technicians with a wide range of technical knowledge and expertise. Our technicians are dedicated to solving your support issues quickly to keep you and your employees up and running with minimal downtime — but don’t worry; they’re not robots!

(We’re big fans of humans helping other humans.)

If an issue requires escalation or an on-site visit, we’ll be there with on-site support and advanced technical consulting. “No IT question is too big (or small) for the Open Approach Help Desk.” This makes us one of the most respected managed it services in Vermont.

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