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Open Approach Is a Full-Service IT Company

A one-stop shop. A round-the-clock.
A Do-it-until-it’s right company.

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Open Approach Is a Full-Service IT Company

Open Approach is a full-service IT company. A one-stop shop. A round-the-clock, do-it-until-it’s right company. Our list of services is broad — and looks just about like what you’d find at any good IT company. Yet while we may be jacks-of-all-trades, we’re a master of one: Making IT systems work to leverage and advance your business.

But let’s make this clear: We may be a Managed Service Provider offering many options similar to what you’d find elsewhere. But we don’t just cobble together a bunch of services to make you some kind of “one-size-fits-all” service plan. We get to know you and your needs first, then craft a customized solution that meets your needs (and leaves you room to grow).

Here are a few of the tips and tricks we’ve employed for some of our clients in the past — but just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. We’re always willing to add something new to the mix if it solves a problem for you.

Seamless Integration

  • Proactive Maintenance

  • Network Security and Protection

  • Servers and Services

  • Helpdesk Support

  • Backups

  • Internet Activity and Content Filtering

  • Phone Systems

  • E-mail Security

  • Third-Party Support

  • Cloud Services

  • Desktop Virtualization 

  • Detailed Network Monitoring 

  • Infrastructure Design

  • Systems Migrations and Upgrades


Proactive Maintenance

Rather than subscribe to the break-fix mentality that can weigh down many businesses, we preemptively and actively maintain your infrastructure to ensure it stays up and running. Regular patch cycles, firmware updates, and scheduled cleanups ensure system uptime stays high, and so does productivity. Read more about Proactive Maintenance


Network Security and Protection

We build protection into everything we do, whether that’s robust firewall configurations that secure a network from both the outside in and the inside out, a network-wide (and centrally managed) deployment of one of the best antivirus engines in the industry, or specific, custom-tailored network policies that cut risk without cutting ease-of-use. We know security, and we know how to protect you without making you feel like you’re living in a bunker. Read more about Network Security and Protection


Servers and Services

Servers provide network “services” and those services can come in a variety of forms, delivered by a variety of means. Our job is to ensure that server hardware, server virtualization, Cloud services, and other options work economically and reliably for you. There is no one-size-fits-all infrastructure out there—and that’s a good thing. Hybrid server systems can cost less and provide more processing capabilities, while retaining more reliability than ever before. Read more about Servers and Services


Helpdesk Support

When you need a hand resetting a password, connecting to the Internet, or getting your email to work, our helpdesk is easily accessible, happy to help, and amazingly efficient at solving issues. A quick phone call or email puts you in touch with a friendly, live tech, who you will come to know (and ask for) by name. No tiers, no queues, no machine automation. Just us. Read more about Help Desk Support



Data backups are arguably the most important component of any company’s IT budget, but often the most neglected — many times until it’s too late. We pride ourselves on employing complete backup solutions that provide reliable protection with multiple checkpoints and physical locations, including our off-site data center. When utilizing modern technology, backups can become a quick solution for minor errors on a daily basis, a stalwart security ally, and the fallback when disaster strikes. Read more about Secure Data Backups


Internet Activity and Content Filtering

Limiting users’ access to certain sites and throttling bandwidth not only increases individual work performance, it also helps keep the entire network healthy, promoting a safe, appropriate work environment without feeling like a burden. Whether it’s a network-wide request or a granular one, we make it easy to find an effective middle ground between freedom and function. Read more about Internet Activity & Content Filtering


Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems have become a business standard over the years, and we are proud to offer solutions that increase call quality and reliability while greatly reducing cost. We handle the conversion from start to finish, from porting all numbers, extensions, and settings, to providing user education and training. Phones and computer systems have merged, so there’s no longer any question over who to call for support. Read more about VoIP Phone Systems


E-mail Security

Spam clogs inboxes, lowers user productivity, and when it contains malicious content, can be downright dangerous to a network. With an industry-leading spam filter deployed, daily spam reports delivered directly to users’ inboxes allows them to customize settings on their end, while a robust backend makes system-wide policy changes swift and effective. Read more about E-Mail Security


Third-Party Support

With our scope and breadth of supported clients, we have seen a great deal of applications, configurations, and environments — and we’ve got the knowledge to back it up. We’re able to solve just about all challenges we’re presented with, but in the off-chance third-party vendor support is required, we’ll take the reins and work with these companies directly. The end result? Less back and forth, and faster resolutions. Read more about Third Party Support


Cloud Services

Just about every application has a cloud-based offering these days. The challenge for many businesses is to weigh the cost of a subscription over time with limitations and benefits a cloud-based system can offer. Our goal is to help you make that decision based on one factor alone: what’s best for your company? If and when it’s time to migrate a service to the cloud, our experience ensures it’s a smooth transition. Read more about Cloud Services


Desktop Virtualization

Whether it’s a solution from Microsoft, Citrix, or VMware, leveraging your network’s backend resources to deliver a virtual desktop — no matter where you’re located — is one of the most rewarding investments a company can make. This ensures an “always on” workstation, remote access from anywhere, and, with the right application, a quicker return on investment than any alternative infrastructure rollout. Read more about Desktop Virtualization


Detailed Network Monitoring

New clients are usually (pleasantly) surprised when they call in with a network connectivity issue, and we tell them that not only did we already know about it, but that we’re actively working to fix the problem. Our monitoring software, with thousands of probes deployed across our clients’ networks, helps us to monitor, analyze, and alert (when necessary) important network functions, allowing us to stay on top of any potential red flags before they become an issue. Read more about Detailed Network Monitoring


Infrastructure Design

Servers, cloud, hybrid-cloud, virtualization, high-availability, clustering, etc. With all of the technologies and terminology floating around today, choosing the correct combination of solutions to run your business can be daunting. We take a pragmatic approach to infrastructure design that starts with a deep understanding of your business and the challenges facing your users. Our goal is to deploy adequately sized and scalable systems that work economically and reliably for you with as little downtime as possible. Read more about Infrastructure Design


Systems Migrations and Upgrades

Migrations and upgrades are often one of the most costly IT expenditures a company makes. It’s easy to put these necessary — but daunting — projects off, until years later you find your company with a complex, aging, under-functioning network. This is where we thrive. We can effectively take these networks and modernize them by combining all of the services mentioned above in an impressively synergistic way. P2V (Physical to Virtual) server migrations, OS rollouts on workstations, and mass deployments of the latest Office or critical applications are just a few of the many ways we can bring your network back from the brink. Read more about Systems Migrations and Upgrades

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